AAHHRRRGGG: With Comics and Cartoons towards literacy

for german speaking people


Sorry, we had to postpone the workshop:
11 / 08 / 2014 – 15 / 08 / 2014
in D-76889 Klingenmünster

journayday: 10 / 08 / 2014
departureday: 16 / 08 / 2014
Speaking language: english and german

Who can go along with that?
This workshop is aimed at speakers, voluntary collaborators or employees of educational institutions which are concerned with holding literacy courses. Fourteen people from the EU-member states and additional Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Croatia and Switzerland can take part in the workshop. Speaking language is english and german.

What is done in the workshop?
Under the duvet, secretly in the bathroom and always during school breaks: Only  few years have passed since young readers of comic strips and cartoons had to clear high hurdles to revel in the ‘AAAHHHHs’ and ‘WOWs’, the speechbubbles and drawings, the mutilated sentences and the lonely words. For comic strips and cartoons had a bad reputation. They were described as harmful, as being shallow and leading to language impoverishment. So what have comic strips and cartoons got to do with the Grundtvig Literacy Workshops? A great deal as a matter of fact.They can encourage the reading and writing of single letters, words and complete sentences in literacy courses: A “AAARRRGGGHH” needs to be spelt, the sole word in a speech bubble is looking for its friends, and the sentence written in colloquial language wants to be transferred into correct spelling. Moreover, teachers and students usually enjoy looking at and reading comic strips and cartoons, it has a relaxing effect on the working atmosphere and motivates course participants to come again. And last but not least they contribute to obtaining a better understanding of strange countries and cultures. After all it cannot be denied that they reveal a lot of the peculiar characteristics of a country, betray quite a bit of its culture and traditions, and also make prejudices a subject of discussion and help refute them. What kind of comic strips and cartoons and from which countries are suitable for literacy courses? What kind of teaching methods and exercises are helpful? What has to be taken into account by all means? All these questions want answering urgently. That is why we shall meet in August 2014. Our goal is to develop ideas and plans a concept, which can be applied in literacy courses in our countries. Maybe there will be a chance during the workshop to employ foreign language comic strips in our literacy courses. We will use the long workshop evenings to set up a network which will help us later on to give each other mutual support, pass on experiences and exchange pieces of advice. UUAAAHHHH!!!

Where does the workshop take place?
Accomodation  in single bedrooms in the conference venue “Stiftsgut Keysermühle”, Bahnhofstrasse 1, D-76889 Klingenmünster. The house is situated next to a large park. A lift allows easy access to all conference rooms, to the restaurant and the two rooms suitable for the handicapped and to the park.

I must pay how much?
All costs (travelling expenses, cost of food and accommodation, cost of conference) will be born by the EU. You don’t have to pay anything. Your time is the only you must invest! As the workshop will take place in Germany, German participants won’t get financial support.

Wonderful, how can I go along with that?
You would like to take part in our workshop? You’re welcome to do so:

  • Please fill in the participant application form and send it as a hardcopy to “Christoph Weber, Hauptstrasse 1a, D-57632 Giershausen, Germany” until 15/06/2014. After that date an enrolment won’t be not possible any longer.
  • We will choose the participants for the workshop after certain criteria that are determined by the EU.
  • Journey by car:
    Have you indicated in your application form that you would like to come by car? Then you will get a positive or negative reply on 23/06/2014. On 18/07/2014 we will send you detailed information on the workshop, the accommodation and the supporting programme. On the first day of the workshop we will refund for your travelling expenses.
  • Journey by train oder plane:
    Have you indicated in your application form that you would like to come by train or by plane? Then you will get a temporary positive reply or a negative reply on 23/06/2014. In our temporary positive reply we will tell you which amount we are able to refund for your travelling expenses (if this amount is not enough, please write an email; we are sure that we will be able to find a solution to that problem).
  • As soon as we get a copy of your booking confirmation you are safely enrolled. We need your booking confirmation until 04/07/2014 at the latest.
  • On 18/07/2014 we will send you detailed information on the workshop, the accommodation and the supporting programme.
  • On the first day of the workshop we will refund for your travelling expenses.

Do you have questions? Please don’t call us, but write an email to grundtvig@weber-hiller.de

Further informations:


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